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Can the Buzzer Controller Also work with D/C Buzzers, or Phone System / Paging?
Yes, the Buzzer Controller can control any 5v Triggered Relay, so the included A/C Relay can easily be changed to any DC/AC Relay required by the device you are trying to trigger. In The case of a Phone System you may need to purchase a Tone Generator, and would most likely need the (BC-15DC) D/C Relay configuration.
How many buzzers can one controller control?
It depends on your buzzers total amperage (25Amps), but in practice customers have 2-10 buzzers sounding from one controller, spread around 500ft+ of floor space. It could just as easily control 500 Buzzers by adding more relays.
Why is there only three alarm patterns, and one variable length alarm?
After various trials, we found that employees can easily distinguish between the three alarm patterns present, but adding a forth or fifth caused too much confusion. Most plants only use one alarm pattern for all their alarms. In the latest version of the hardware a new variable alarm code of 1-15 second is available.
What type of Buzzer should I purchase?
Any A/C buzzer will do that makes a sound you can hear in your plant. No two companies seem to of used the same buzzers. One product that some customers have used is Manufactured by Edwards, Product #874N5 AC Adaptahorn. PLEASE read the specifications and db ratings (How loud the horn is) so you know what you are purchasing. Again really any buzzer, combination of, or number of buzzers could be used.
My computer only comes with USB Ports, can I still use the Buzzer Controller?
Yes, you can use a USB-Serial adaptor, the software supports variable communication ports.
Our main office is 2 miles from our factory, can we manage the schedule from our main office?
Yes, there is a number of ways to do this, using your network, or with serial over IP adaptors there would be no limit to the distance the Buzzer Controller could be.
If I have the schedule installed on my server, and my IT department needs to reboot the server do I need to exit the Buzzer Controller software?
No, once the Buzzer Controller software loads it’s schedule from the network drive then no longer accesses the drive. A connection to the server only needs to be present when the machine loads the software (if it is installed on a network drive.)
If my computer were to somehow crash / loose power when the alarm is sounding will it just go on forever?
No, The Buzzer Controller hardware has an intelligent internal CPU that processes all the commands from the computer, and will end the alarm sounding as expected. This is an important feature as many of the devices out there rely on just a +5v high signal directly from a serial or parallel port, we get a few sales a year from customers that purchased systems like that and the alarm goes off, computer crashes leaving the alarm going endlessly.
If I purchase the A/C version then find out I need the D/C version do I need to Send the unit back.
No, you can change the Relay on the Buzzer Controller hardware with any type or voltage that can be tripped by a +5v source, or you can return your relay for the alternate type.
After my schedule is all programmed do I still need the Buzzer Controller plugged into my computer and the software running?
Yes, this is how the Buzzer Controller remains completely synced to your computer, or network time that your punch system (swipe cards, hand scanner, etc) uses. This also eliminates the risk of wasted Employee HRS as they wait to punch in or out. No matter how accurate a internal clock can be made this does not help as other devices drift in time so the best solution to this common problem is a active connection to the controlling computer.
Can you show a simple block diagram of how the A/C Version of the Buzzer Controller is wired to the buzzers?
The Black / Hot wire is connected to the relay’s High Current terminals, the hookup is similar to wiring a light switch, where here the light switch is the Relay.

Simple Diagram

How big is Buzzer Controller Hardware if we wanted to mount it in a panel / box?
The Buzzer Controller’s Hardware box is 4.250″ L x 2.600″ W (107.95mm x 66.04mm) x 1.120″ H (28.45mm) Please allow another .25″ Height for ports.

CAD Drawing (Please allow extra space for ports and cables.)

How Reliable is the Buzzer Controller Hardware?
As of Jul 15th, 2016 Not a single unit has been returned defective, and no customers have ever ordered a Replacement Part or Relay due to wear! Some units have been running for in excess of ten years 24/7. We only use the highest grade components, the A/C relay we use is industrial grade and alone cost in excess of $80. ( this is one example of how we only use quality components in the construction.
What relay is included with the BC-15AC?
The Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 RelayThe Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 Relay used is a expensive hi-quality product designed for industrial applications.


  • Standard “hockey puck” package.
  • Enhanced noise immunity (designed to meet level 3 requirements of European EMC Directive).
  • LED indicator.
  • Floating terminal design.
  • Low cost snubberless triac outputs.
  • 10A & 25A rms versions.
  • AC & DC input versions.
  • 4000V rms isolation.

Tyco Electronics SSRT-240D25 25Amp, 240V Relay DataSheet

What relay is included with the BC-15DC?
Included D/C Relay


  • Bi-polar transistor output
  • Ratings from 3A to 7A @ 60 VDC
  • UL and cUL Recognized (E116950)

Crydom D60 RELAY SSR 3A Biopolar DC Relay DataSheet