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The Software Artist Limited has been in Application design, Hardware sales, and support since 1989. Dealing primarily with Windows servers and pc’s providing technical support and solutions to Businesses.

Authorized reseller for many brands including

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Backup, Ransomware, and employee monitoring Solutions

Registered Veriato, Altaro and Synology NAS / Desktop Solutions providing reliable Server / VM / Workstation backup solutions, ransomware protection, and employee monitoring.

Expert in NAS Deployment, Offsite Backups, Personal Cloud, Microsoft/Google Backup and ransomware protection.

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Custom Applications & Hardware

Buzzer Controller

Buzzer Controller Software

Providing Buzzer & On/Off Relay Control Systems for over 20 years!
Product has a proven track record of running 24/7 in excess of 15 years

The Buzzer Controller / Alarm Scheduler can be programmed from any machine on the network to fire a buzzer (shift start/end, lunch, break, wash-up, etc) at set times. Over 100 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three patterns on the selected days of the week. This hardware allows you to sync your network time with the buzzers in your plant/time clock. The hardware also comes with one aux relay controller that can be programmed to turn on or off any device at preset times, or used as a second alarm zone